For individuals or groups, we will help you develop a secure plan for your well-deserved retirement.


An abundant retirement. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

We develop retirement plans to reflect and preserve your goals, your aspirations, and your assets. In collaboration with third parties, we will manage your investments and administer your plan. If you are self-employed and planning for retirement, we will recommend ways for you to defer taxation through income deferral and deductions. Abundance will work to ensure you step into your retirement with jollity and serenity.


Are you a good employer and you want to provide for your employees’ future?

Abundance establishes a sound and well-founded retirement plan that benefits both you and your employees – creating additional attractiveness to your organization for prospective employees. By designing retirement plans to optimize deferrals (particularly for high earning employees), managing investment on pooled plans, and assisting with platform selection on participant-directed plans, Abundance assures you are satisfying your fiduciary commitment to your employees. Knowing you and your business allows us to determine whether to employ defined contribution, defined benefit, or a combination of both. We will collaborate with third-party administrators, accountants, and attorneys to administer the plan and provide you with accurate resources. Together, we can ensure a successful legacy for the people who depend on you for their livelihood.