Your abundant life after you retire. Abundance knows you. Abundance knows how you want to live. We develop retirement plans reflecting and protecting your dreams, your plans, your assets. We will manage your investments and work with 3rd parties to administer your plan. If you are self-employed, we will find ways for you to defer taxation through income deferral and deductions. Abundance will coordinate it all so you can relax and enjoy.


The people you employ matter to you. Establishing a sound retirement plan benefits both you and your employees—and makes your organization more attractive to prospective employees. Abundance knows. Abundance ensures you are meeting your fiduciary responsibility to your employees by designing retirement plans to optimize deferrals (especially for high-earning employees), managing investment on pooled plans, and assisting with platform selection on participant-directed plans. Knowing you and your business means we will know whether to use defined contribution, defined benefit, or a combination of both. We will work with 3rd party administrators, accountants, and attorneys to administer the plan and provide you with the right resources, creating a legacy of success for the people who depend on you for their livelihood.