Family Office

Abundance knows. We know your family: the here and now, the next generation…and the next. We seek to understand your complete wealth picture so we can manage—and maximize—your collective wealth. Protecting you. Protecting them. Estate plans, wealth transfers, taxes, asset protection, succession, investments, and banking. At Abundance, we not only design your strategies, we also manage them so they work as designed. We bring them all together to optimize outcomes for you and those you care about. Based on your goals, your dreams.


Growing and preserving wealth. For you and for those who follow you. Your Abundance team employs a combination of cutting-edge strategies to provide optimal tax efficiency, continuity, and estate growth. Trusts, partnerships, corporate entities, asset classification, and charitable giving techniques all come into play as we craft a sound plan for your estate—based on the goals you have for the next generation. We give you peace of mind by coordinating with estate attorneys and accountants and reviewing documents. So your abundance passes seamlessly to the next generation.


We want for you what you want for you. Minimum tax liability. Lowest possible tax rates. Tax-advantaged investments. Abundance uses a variety of techniques and strategies to put you and your successors in the best possible position. Income deferrals. Structured income. Income distributions. Salaries in family businesses. Utilizing corporate entities to maximize deductions. Investment strategies to minimize short term gains. So you have more money with which to enjoy your abundant life.


The big picture. Understanding you. Understanding your life. Understanding what you want for your family. Do they understand wealth? Can they manage it if they do? Abundance knows you—and them—well enough to design estate plans and to educate, counsel, and even develop wealth management plans for multiple generations. Family businesses need succession plans too. Abundance wealth counselors evaluate your options and make recommendations based on their best thinking, best practices, and a comprehensive knowledge of your goals for the future.


As a business owner, there are many unique benefits of owning a captive insurance company. At Abundance, we work with captive insurance management specialists to implement captive insurance companies for you where appropriate. We understand the unique planning opportunities associated with captive insurance companies and how captives can be utilized as part of your overall wealth strategy. From your tax, estate, asset protection, and business planning, we know how to maximize the benefits to you, allowing you to worry less and live more.


Managing your wealth involves much more than astute investing. It involves securing loans and mortgages. Paying tuition. Money transfers. Insurance. Abundance knows. Asset titling. We don’t merely make recommendations, we facilitate your banking transactions. We evaluate, find, and negotiate loans and mortgages. We make distributions out of your accounts. We administer accounts for life insurance and estate planning. Nothing goes unnoticed. Every base is covered.


Your business is part of your abundant life. Whether you own a business you want to grow or need a business plan for your start-up, Abundance has you covered. Purchase and sale facilitation. Advice on raising capital. Connections to a vast network of support. Business improvement strategies. We provide counseling and connections to help you start your business, take it to the next level, or cash in on your hard work.


You matter. Every aspect of your life matters. People. Business. Assets of all kinds. Your future. They all need protection from creditors, litigants, risks. Abundance designs asset protection structures to insulate you from personal liability and serve as a deterrent to potential litigants.


Life is full of uncertainties. Protecting your business, yourself, your loved ones, and your future when the unexpected happens is an important component of your big picture. Abundance knows insurance. Life. Disability. Malpractice. Umbrella. Abundance strategically evaluates insurance plans, provides advice and recommendations, and brokers life and disability policies to insulate and protect the things that matter to you. Enjoy your abundant life knowing you are fully prepared no matter what the future holds.