Does your financial advisor...

Know Your Money

Well enough to manage as if it was their own?

Success can be expensive, but Abundance knows the tools and strategies to make your success work for you. Two groups of physicians, one of which was an Abundance client, recently merged into one. Happy to be successful but concerned about the resulting dramatic rise in income taxes, the newly formed group turned to Abundance for advice. Abundance quickly rose to address their concerns. A feasibility study, followed by individual meetings with each of the physicians in the group, resulted in a second pension plan, a strategy for a pretax sheltering of income, and a $500,000 annual reduction in income taxes. Now Abundance clients, the new group has saved millions of dollars in taxes over the last several years.

Does your financial advisor...

Know Your Family

Well enough to help each of your loved ones?

Managing wealth is rarely about an individual. Abundance knows, which is why Abundance gets to know the personalities, idiosyncrasies, and goals of spouses, children, grandchildren, in-laws, and any non-family members who may be factored into the client’s plans. One couple, a 35-year Abundance client, wanted not only to provide for their family members but also to ensure educational opportunity for people they might never meet—great grandchildren. Abundance helped the couple set aside money inside their trust to fulfill their wish. Additionally, Abundance developed estate plans for each of the couple’s children. Over the years, they will save millions of dollars in estate taxes and be protected from creditors. Long after the clients are gone, their family members will benefit from the couple’s proactive strategies…and the great grandchildren will have the resources to receive top-notch educations.

Does your financial advisor...

Know Your Relationships

Well enough to structure an optimal tax and legal plan?

A lot of players are involved in the lives of wealthy people, especially when managing their assets and planning for the future. Attorneys. Accountants. Insurance representatives. Family members. Because of the complexity of the interactions, families don’t necessarily know what to ask for. But Abundance knows. One particularly well-to-do client needed a long-term strategy not only for growing and protecting assets but also for developing an estate plan that would provide for the family while also protecting their privacy. Over the course of several years, Abundance coordinated all of the interactions of all of the players, stayed on top of paperwork, re-titled beneficiary designations when family situations changed, and implemented strategies and tools to ensure smooth—and private—transitions from one stage of life to the next. When the primary income-maker passed away unexpectedly, his family could privately grieve, knowing Abundance had anticipated every possible scenario. Ultimately, Abundance saved the family millions of dollars in income and inheritance taxes.

Does your financial advisor...

Know Your Life

Well enough to help you live it the way you want?

Retirement planning is much more about one’s ideal life calendar than making sure there are enough resources upon which to live comfortably. Abundance knows the right questions to ask and then designs a strategy based on what is really important to a client. Work? Travel? Time with family? New business enterprises? One client had left one career and started a completely different—and financially successful—second career…and then a third after selling business number two. The clients wanted a “retirement” balancing fun and business, and Abundance helped them do exactly that. Today, they are traveling all over the world while still developing business number three. The life calendar of another client, a neurosurgeon whose practice was bought by a big hospital chain, included continuing to enjoy both work and research without having to rely on a big paycheck. Abundance worked with him to ensure he was in a financial position to so. Today, he volunteers part-time at a clinic and works with researchers on projects that interest him.

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