Abundance knows. We know your needs, your tax situation, your goals—your life—and we leverage that knowledge to develop a customized portfolio for only you. We know the markets. We extensively research potential investments. We meticulously evaluate new opportunities. The result is a portfolio that allows you to take advantage of market opportunities while also realizing increased but stable returns over time. We help minimize your risk and your tax burden so your wealth is protected. So your wealth grows.

At Abundance, our goal is to protect wealth by lessening portfolio risk and growing your portfolio.  The goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns through diversification.  We take a disciplined approach when managing client money, where we maintain diversified core investments along with satellite and tactical positions to take advantage of underpriced and inefficient areas of the market.  In normal markets, we seek to make slight shifts, not drastic changes, to portfolios as we see market conditions change.

We use a number of research sources on which we form our opinion.  First, we take our opinion of the overall economy and look for macroeconomic trends.  From this we determine our overall asset allocation.  We don’t believe that diversification across asset classes is enough.  For this reason, we look for sectors of the economy that we believe will outperform the overall market. Once we’ve identified the sectors that we believe will do well, we look for the best investment vehicles in those areas.  We perform extensive research on potential investments and clear investment decisions through an investment committee, where investment decisions are developed and vetted.

As part of our allocation, we place a certain amount of money into fixed income vehicles. We utilize bond funds, indexes, and depending on the account size, individual bonds. Bond investment can be made in corporate, federal government, and municipal bonds. Individual bonds offer additional advantages when used in a laddered maturity approach to provide diversification across maturity and yield to reduce interest rate sensitivity.

When reviewing investment returns, one has to look closely at taxes, inflation, and expenses. At Abundance, we are focused on the total return, therefore, we utilize tax efficient strategies, which includes tax loss harvesting, monitoring capital gain distributions, and being mindful of tax events created though trading.  Additionally, investment related expenses can significantly reduce total portfolio return.  For this reason, we focus on maintaining low total expense ratios. We accomplish this through indexing the efficient areas of the market and only using actively managed funds where inefficient markets dictate.  Because frequent trading brings with it increased investment expense, our long-term investment philosophy lends to low investment turnover, naturally reducing trading costs.

Our approach to investment management considers many aspects of accumulating and protecting wealth.  By considering a number of factors in addition to investment performance, we are able to maximize the risk-adjusted total return in client portfolios.


Consider Abundance your general partner in private investments. Abundance knows you, which means we are able not only to evaluate investment opportunities brought to you but to facilitate them if we mutually agree they would benefit you and your life.

Abundance also syndicates private investments to share these unique investment opportunities with our clients. We administer investment reporting on opportunities we syndicate.

Often, access to private investment opportunities is reserved for only the wealthiest families and individuals. These investment opportunities offer very large potential returns to investors and require significant investments which can tie up capital for long periods of time. At Abundance, we have experience in not only evaluating private investment opportunities, but also in offering them to our clients. Private investment opportunities we have offered are varied, but many focus on commercial and development real estate. We believe that this is a lucrative area for investment and also meshes well with our experience. We are able to provide our clients access to private investment opportunities that they most likely would not have access to otherwise.

We perform due diligence on private investments to make sure that they are a relatively safe investment with high probabilities of success. We review not only the offering documents, but the underlying business and plans. In many cases, persons associated with Abundance may be invested in the deal and have a level of control in order to represent your interests. The knowledge of and confidence in the opportunity is required prior to offering it to you. Our rigorous due diligence process seeks to protect you and give you a high probability of success in your investment.